The importance of transitions when working from home

May you live in interesting times,” goes the old curse, and it’s fair to say the present times are interesting indeed!

The arrival of Covid produced a paradigm shift in how we work. At a stroke millions of people began to work from home. Even if/when Covid passes there will be COOs across the world wondering why they should rent vast office spaces in expensive city centres when… most staff could be home-based, or everyone could come in one day per week to an office 20% of the size, or the whole operation can move out somewhere cheaper, or …

However it all develops, working from home and communicating remotely will form a major part of your life so it’s a good idea to spend a bit of time polishing the communications skills that you’ll use more and more. (To this end we’ve put together our course on “New Order Working.” You can see the promo HERE)

The aim of this blog is to keep you up to speed with news, tools and tips so you communicate expertly in the best medium to achieve your goal.

To kick off, how about a quick audit of your home work-station?

  • Make sure your screen is at right-angles to the window to minimise glare.
  • Is your screen raised so you look at it straight ahead? If you wear real glasses (or imaginary ones) you should be looking at the screen through the top of the lenses.
  • Do you have a separate keyboard? Working off a laptop keyboard for any length of time can put a lot of strain on your shoulders and wrists.

“Healthy home working” is one of the modules in New Order Working – if that sounds interesting, there are some tasters HERE.Healhty home working

Stay safe and positive!

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