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The old sledgehammer-nut scenario

The UK trade union Prospect has called on the government to give people a “right to disconnect.” They see the increased home-working (driven by Covid restrictions) as blurring the lines even more between our work and non-work lives. Their guide on the issues is HERE As stated on the BBC, the...


Cat’s pyjamas or dog’s breakfast?

You know how important your image is – which is why you take care to use a profile picture that shows you in the way you want. You don’t need me to point out that wearing your lockdown pyjamas in a work Zoom meeting is not ideal. The question is: do your messages profile you in the same,...


Is "Big Boss" watching you?

So, is “Big Boss” watching you? Quite possibly - and also … taking screenshots checking which websites you visit logging your keyboard activity analysing keywords you may use noting what time you start work and how long your breaks are snapping photos of you with your laptop camera Be...


#WFH – How to solve the two big problems

There are, as they say, two big problems with working from home: not going to work and not going “home”. Maybe you get side-tracked by “just tidying the kitchen” then realise the whole morning has gone. Maybe you check emails as soon as you wake up from a bad night’s sleep, then have an...


Get up to speed with healthy home working

The importance of transitions when working from home “May you live in interesting times,” goes the old curse, and it’s fair to say the present times are interesting indeed! The arrival of Covid produced a paradigm shift in how we work. At a stroke millions of people began to work from home....